Celebrating 50 Years of Hospitality

What started with a single restaurant in 1960 became a successful national brand, due to the hard work and vision of one man. Mr. Wyman Nelson worked diligently with his first Perkins Pancake House until 1964 when he had the opportunity to open his second restaurant. He continued to grow during the next three years and eventually Perkins became Perkins Cake and Steak to let the public know that he offered more than just delicious pancakes. It worked. Wyman’s stores surpassed the major chains such as Denny’s and Sambo’s in average sales and Wyman’s success continued. Later, Wyman accelerated the growth and development of new restaurants throughout the country until he sold the brand to Holiday Inns in 1979. Perkins remains one of the most successful family dining chains in North America with over 500 restaurants open and under development.

To celebrate our 50 years of hospitality, and to commemorate Wyman Nelson’s hard work and determination, it seemed only appropriate to kick off the celebration with a Perkins pancake breakfast, served at our corporate headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

As with any business, Northcott Hospitality has had its ups and downs during the past 50 years and now more than ever, the Northcott Hospitality team is rolling up their sleeves and taking on new challenges just as Wyman Nelson did back in 1960. Times change but the recipe stays the same.